Photography is another form of expression that Andrea has found she loves to create in. And here we see two completely different sides to her work. One consists of more realistic subjects, captured both outdoors and in, and produced in colour, black and white, or sepia. The other is a completely abstract form of photography that captures images that could on their own be considered artwork.

Working with one subject Andrea can produce 20 or more images from various angles and ranges of zoom, and she shows them individually but also in groups when they are framed. Often these pieces evoke responses from those who view them, and not unlike her abstract art, people tend to see objects in them or feel something from the patterns that are created.

These photography pieces can be reproduced in virtually any size you wish and can be purchased simply as the photography itself so you can mat and frame it as you wish, or they can be custom framed by Andrea as well. Either way you will have a fantastic work that would definitely become a conversation piece on your wall.

Take a look through all of Andrea’s work and if you have any questions or are interested in ordering one of her pieces, get in touch through our Contact form, or email directly to